Breast Cancer & Legacy Planning

Breast cancer awareness and legacy estate planning

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and thankfully we have made a lot of solid progress towards saving the lives. In general, the prognosis for most women diagnosed with Breast Cancer has improved greatly. Let’s pause and celebrate that, keeping in mind that no one should rest on progress — THE FIGHT CONTINUES. Anyone over the…


National Estate Planning Awareness Week 2021

Frequently Asked Questions about estate planning services in Arizona

You may have heard me say more than once that an estimated 56 percent of Americans do not have an estate plan in place, making estate planning “a critically overlooked component of financial wellness.” In hopes of raising awareness, Estate Planning Awareness Week was created to educate the public about the importance of estate planning…


Who Knew? August is Make a Will Month!

August is Make a Will Month

Estate Planning is really legacy planning. How would you like to leave your mark on your family — maybe even your community? This is your chance to decide instead of having state and/or government law decide for you.


The Conversation Project: Removing the Awkwardness of Discussing Death?

I recently stumbled on an amazing website that I think could help a lot of families called The Conversation Project. There are some topics that are very hard to discuss, most especially money and death. Yet most people recognize it is important topic to cover as parents age and/or children are born and wishes need to be honored and protected. This site seeks to bridge some of those gaps to help people have these important conversations. Here is their message:


How Miles & Points Can Help You Be With Loved Ones During Emergencies

BY HARLAN VAUGHN  Used with permission. Note from Seiter Law PLLC: This article contains information about using credit cards and airline points to travel in emergencies. We find this has value to our readers who may find themselves in a similar situation. The author has disclosed that there are affiliate links contained in the information. Seiter…


“Marie Kondo” Your Estate Plan

revise your estate plan Marie Kondo style

No matter if you choose Marie Kondo or another method, bringing order to home clutter and chaos not only makes your own life easier, but is gift to loved ones who will carry out your wishes someday.


How Would You Celebrate?

celebration of life - estate planning law firm

When I discovered “Celebration of Life” Day (January 22nd) on a few of the “national day” calendars floating around our Social Media driven world, well, I was curious. How does one celebrate Celebration of Life Day?   CELEBRATE THE CHILDREN The day was originally intended to celebrate the children in our lives. Now, I am all…


What Do Halloween and Estate Planning Have in Common?

estate planning

This year, many of us are looking forward to Halloween. No matter how you choose to celebrate (Trick-or-Treating socially distanced or movies at home among other ways), we are determined to keep this fun holiday on our calendars despite the pandemic. Believe our not, because of the history of Halloween, estate planning and this holiday…


Long Term Care Insurance: It’s No “Quacking” Matter

We’ve all seen the commercials with the talking duck, right? The company sells “insurance for medical injuries or disabilities.” It is an additional policy you can buy, just in case. Long term care insurance policies go one step further. Very succinctly, they provide similar types of insurance but for folks who have long term medical…


Do an Estate Plan Your Way, Like John McCain

We lost two great Americans very recently: John McCain and Aretha Franklin. On the surface, they had great taste in music in common, but choose very different paths in their legacy planning. If you have been watching John McCain’s Funeral proceedings over the last few days, you may have heard that much of what was occurring…


Happy Mother’s Day: Celebrate, then Plan

You’ve made brunch reservations and bought flowers. The kids have made a special card and you bought her favorite perfume or other special gift. Mother’s Day is special because Moms are special. What would we do without them? What would we do without them? Whether they have been Moms for 1 year or 41 years, their…