How Miles & Points Can Help You Be With Loved Ones During Emergencies


Used with permission.

Note from Seiter Law PLLC: This article contains information about using credit cards and airline points to travel in emergencies. We find this has value to our readers who may find themselves in a similar situation. The author has disclosed that there are affiliate links contained in the information. Seiter Law has NOT verified the shared information and strongly recommends that readers do their own research/verification, especially before purchasing tickets or other products. 

Losing a loved one is one of the most painful things we experience in our lives.  It’s even harder when you’re far away, and need to get somewhere immediately to be there when it matters.

Paying high ticket prices during a time of loss or during a family emergency can feel hard to overcome.  And can seem like you’re choosing between putting a burden on your finances or being with your family to grieve or offer support, which is a decision no one should have to make when they’re still in shock or sorting through pain.

A couple of airlines offer “bereavement fares,” but they don’t actually save you that much money.  And most airlines stopped offering them completely long ago.

In a time of emergency, you can use miles, points, or cash back from travel credit cards to offset or completely cover the high cost of a last-minute ticket.  Having rewards available can take away the stress of paying for a big expense and allow you to travel quickly to where you need to be without worrying how you’re going to pay for it. I’ll share ways to use miles & points so you can be with your family as quickly as possible. 

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