Privacy Matters: Wills Vs. Living Trusts

Wills Vs. Living Trusts. The terms are used interchangeably but are they really the same thing? The quick answer is definitely not. One affords more privacy in the long run than the other. Most of us are not celebrities, but we may for one reason or another want to keep our private matters private, even

Happy Mother’s Day: Celebrate, then Plan

You’ve made brunch reservations and bought flowers. The kids have made a special card and you bought her favorite perfume or other special gift. Mother’s Day is special because Moms are special. What would we do without them? What would we do without them? Whether they have been Moms for 1 year or 41 years, their

FAQ: Interview With Marcus Seiter

  Ed. Note: The following is the text of an interview that was conducted by a media source and we thought the answers might be helpful to some doing research about Estate Planning and our office. Please contact us directly for more information.  What does an estate planning lawyer do? As an estate planning attorney,

Summertime Means Travel, But Are You Really Prepared?

Summer Vacation is a family’s happy place. When mom says be sure to pack all the essentials and make sure you have thought of everything, I guarantee she probably didn’t mean Estate Planning. Yet, when you go to “Fly the Friendly Skies” or Road Trip to that amazing National Park, this added level of protection

Estate Planning & Graduates: Financial Strategies

When your graduate crosses the stage this month, they will take the financial reigns from you just as they take their diploma. Here are a few ways to help steer them towards success in their financial future. Summertime is upon us here in Phoenix and so is graduation season. This major transition period for most

Did You Know: Beneficiary Forms Override Estate Planning Docs

Did you know that any beneficiary forms you sign with a bank or other institution will override your carefully thought out, perfectly crafted estate planning docs? Generally, most companies have a benefit renewal period every 6-12 months. MANY start this process in November. But whether you do it at work, with your financial planner or

4 Major Reasons People Avoid Preparing a Will

There are common statistics shared in the Estate Planning Industry and they basically reveal that most Americans are misinformed, too scared or too busy to plan their estates. So many Americans are without Estate Plans and are leaving themselves and their families unprotected. These four statistics reveal these common myths about inheritance:   1.  13%