Guest Post: Relocating Your Elderly Loved One

making your home comfortable for an elderly loved one

Providing care to our parents as they age and then in the final stages of their lives looks a lot different than it did in the past. That’s because shared living (when two or more adults who are not romantically involved live together) is on the upswing.

“Adults who live in someone else’s household typically live with a relative,” The Pew Research Center stated in its report on its findings according to AARP. “Today, 14 percent of adults living in someone else’s household are a parent of the household head, up from 7 percent in 1995.” By contrast, “some 47 percent of [such] adults are adult children living in their mom and/or dad’s home, down from 52 percent in 1995.” This change is even reflected in the design of new homes with flex rooms, casitas and guest houses here in Phoenix in the last few years.


Obviously, the goal is to increase the quality of an elder parent’s life by having them close either by relocating to be near them or vice versa. Important things to have in mind when moving aging or ill parents:

  • Make sure to talk a move through with physicians and work with them to find new doctors and transfer records and care plans. Getting a Power of Attorney for both health and financial affairs is highly recommended before making the move in case there are issues in transit or upon arrival.
  • Let professionals help you organize and pack if possible to minimize stress and make the process as smooth as possible
  • If you are flying, take the direct flight.
  • Specialty transport is something to seriously consider with the help of doctors.
  • If you cannot travel with your parents, hire a nurse companion for the trip.
  • Make sure that pensions and health insurance are valid in the destination state. Along with estate planning, this is one of the most important things to think about (if you change states, you will have to address this when it comes to estate planning).

All of these suggestions serve as a starting point for organizing the move of your elderly or informed parent successfully. Do not skimp on getting help and be sure that you follow up once you arrive on all paperwork, including estate plans to be sure that you and your loved one are fully protected. Lastly, be sure to prepare for the arrival of your parent or loved one by making them comfortable in their new surroundings. We address that topic in this great post here.

Article courtesy of AZ Moving Pros.