Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Estate Planning 2020

Estate planning during pandemic

In the last few years various polls have proven that at least half of our population does not have any kind of estate planning in place. Reasons range from being misinformed to just not wanting to deal with thoughts about death. Totally reasonable. Except, and forgive my bluntness, people die every day even when the World Health Organization hasn’t declared a pandemic as they have with Coronavirus/COVID-19.


COVID-19 in AZ


So while at the time of this writing Arizona only has nine reported cases of COVID-19 and seems to have everything under control for the time being, my point is that this is a good reminder that we should not gamble with good planning. Instead we should be prepared and with more than toilet paper, canned goods and medicines. I mean HiPPA releases, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills and Wills and Trusts.


I understand that some folks might see this as taking advantage of a serious situation we all find ourselves in and that is not my intent. Rather, this is a widespread example of WHY it is important to estate plan that many folks can relate to right now. Sadly in my line of work many family members come to me when they have lost the bet and are now in complex positions that cost them more time, money and grief than would be if a plan was in place. That is my motivation for taking a chance on antagonizing folks by bringing this up now in the midst of the healthcare emergency we all find ourselves facing.


New Office Policies & Safety Measures


In the meantime, here is what else our team will be doing to keep our offices safe for our staff and clients. Some of these policies are new and some have been in place for quite some time.


  1. Greet clients and staff with a warm smile instead of a handshake.
  2. Make hand sanitizer available when possible
  3. We will disinfect all surfaces before and after any meetings in our offices. This includes tables, chairs, door knobs, light switches, pens, and any other equipment
  4. Wash our hands frequently throughout the day
  5. Practice Social Distancing with both colleagues and clients (meaning keeping a safe distance)
  6. Making sure that any staff with symptoms of illness stays home to recover for as long as needed
  7. We will implement new policies and best practices as the CDC or regional health officials recommend


What You can Do


You can help us be successful in our efforts by washing your hands frequently, and by covering your mouth when you sneeze or cough. If you are feeling ill, we ask that you please reschedule your appointment with us. In cases permitted by law, if you prefer to “meet” via phone conference or video call, where allowable by law we will make every attempt to accommodate that request so that no personal contact required.


If you have specific questions about these new policies or procedures, please contact me directly so we can work together. It is my desire to be a lifelong resource to you and your family and my hope is offer the very best customer service and information so that you feel comfortable and secure about the choices you have made for your family’s legacy.