10 Non-Financial Estate Planning Issues to Consider

Here are 10 important topics to consider when estate planning — good conversations to have with your spouse (if you have one). I am happy to help you navigate these choices — call for more information.

  1. Healthcare: Who will make decisions if you can’t?
  2. Pets: Who will care for them when you are gone?
  3. Wisdom: Which life lessons & values are important & should be shared?
  4. Digital: How will your family or executors access online accounts?
  5. Heirlooms: Are there special items that you want to earmark?
  6. Guardians: Who will raise your children if something happens to you?
  7. Family Relationships: How can you minimize potential conflicts?
  8. Independence: How important is it to live on your own when older?
  9. Burial Wishes: Will you be buried or cremated? Obituary?
  10. End of Life: Organ Donation? Healthcare advance directives?