Guest Post: Relocating Your Elderly Loved One

making your home comfortable for an elderly loved one

Providing care to our parents as they age and then in the final stages of their lives looks a lot different than it did in the past. That’s because shared living (when two or more adults who are not romantically involved live together) is on the upswing. “Adults who live in someone else’s household typically…


Dealing with the Death of a Hoarder | Guest Post

dealing with the death of a hoarder

Many of us are familiar with hoarding. Whether we know someone in our own family or it is something we have viewed on TV, hoarding affects as many as 19 million Americans. It is more common in older Americans and in males vs females. Losing someone with the disorder adds extra load to tackle, both physically…


I Am Moving to a New State: What Happens to My Estate Plan?

If you planned your estate, but are moving from one state to another, check for these major discrepancies in laws and procedures. It used to be that after college, people found a position with a great company and spent much of their lives in loyal service to said employer. They’d put down roots and grow…