Managing your Digital Footprint: Digital Executors

Have you ever worried about what would happen to your digital footprint if you were to pass away? Who would take care of your email, posts, tweets, blogs, and Snapchats, domains, affiliate sales accounts, music, photographs, games, websites, accounting, banking, investing and even operational online businesses? Would you want your digital accounts to stay “live” as a tribute if possible or to continue your businesses as they exist right now? If you have these accounts and these concerns, you will want to put a Digital Estate Plan in place along with a Digital Executor who has the skills to manage your wishes.

According to Rocket, “With 84 percent of consumers indicating that they own digital assets, the conversation around estate planning now extends to the digital afterlife, especially considering that 7 in 10 people have not appointed a digital executor — the person named to manage digital assets after death. Even for individuals who have created wills, 39 percent have not appointed a digital executor because they are not aware a separate digital executor is needed.”

Make sure whoever you choose is internet savvy, patient and ready for a big job. Once you select this person, make sure they have a list of your online holdings along with logins and passwords, updating as regularly as possible.

Be sure to include:

  • Facebook and other Social Media (You can start by seeing our Blog post on Designating a Legacy Contact on Facebook)
  • Websites and blogs
  • Any online accounts for banking, accounting and investments
  • Email Accounts
  • Selling/Shopping Accounts like on Amazon or Ebay
  • Photo sites like Shutterfly or YouTube
  • Music sites like Apple Music
  • Online Bills for utilities, cell phones
  • Airline Accounts
  • Department Stores
  • Microsoft, Adobe, Conva or other online software
  • Bill Pay Sites
  • Cloud Sites
  • Dating Websites (Tinder, Match, etc.)

Finally, give this information to your Digital Executor to keep safe for you. Of course, we are always here to help as well.