Will You Be an Organ Donor?

I recently saw a viral post on Facebook from some caring folks about organ donation. The poster wanted everyone to know that organ donation was extremely important to them should their death occur. My hat is off to this person for being so thoughtful and proactive, but because of what I do, my inclination of course was to educate them as to what in addition they should do to really be sure that their wishes are carried through. 

Include Organ Donation in Your Legacy Plan

There are many kinds of donations. You can donate specific organs or your body as a whole. You may also choose to donate to an educational institution or a specific donor. All of this should be included in your Health Care Power of Attorney down to the detail to be sure your wishes are carried out. 

Register at Donate Life Arizona

To confirm your intention to be an organ donor, begin by registering with the state organ donor database at Donate Life Arizona. It takes minutes to register online and then medical personnel may easily locate your information indicating your preference to donate. This is important as time will be of the essence in many cases.

Organ Donation and Your Arizona Driver’s License 

If you elect to be an organ donor in Arizona, you can register this wish with the MVD. Your driver’s license and MVD record will reflect this choice and your information will be forwarded to the registry at Donate Life Arizona automatically (see above). For more information, see the Arizona Driver Manual.

Share Your Intentions to be an Organ Donor

If you’ve recorded your wish to be an organ donor, by Arizona law, your wishes must be honored. But sharing your choice with family and friends, as the poster on Facebook did is a good idea, especially in case your family or friends disagree with your choice(s). So, if you feel strongly about donating your organs, consider sharing with family members, doctors, religious leaders, and close friends.

By the way, if you don’t take time to choose one of the above methods to document your intention to be an organ donor, your next of kin will be faced with the choice. So it is a conversation worth addressing, especially if it is important to you. I would be happy to assist you with the process as well.