Happy Mother’s Day 2017!

It’s almost Mother’s Day and I’ve been reading great stories about moms and their kids. Most of the stories are about moms who have sacrificed and moved mountains both big and small to protect their kiddos of all ages. It is intrinsic as a parent to want to be sure that our kids are healthy, happy and have the best of everything.

So, in honor of Moms (and next month, Dads), we want to suggest some ideas that honor moms and their dedication to their kids. They add some extra protection, just in case.

1. Getting legal documents to name guardians who can be there for your children so they’ll never be with strangers or family you do not like/approve.

2. Instructions to everyone who takes care of your kids as to exactly what to do in an emergency.

3. Instructions and guidelines for the long-term guardians on raising your kids with your values, insights, stories and experiences.

I know especially on Mother’s Day being apart from my children or any family is the last thing I’d want to think about. I am sure you will agree, but we give our children a bigger gift when we plan for their future as well as taking care of them in the present. That is why Moms (and Dads!) are so important. Feel free to call me if I can help arrange a special session for you.