Happy Mother’s Day: Celebrate, then Plan

You’ve made brunch reservations and bought flowers. The kids have made a special card and you bought her favorite perfume or other special gift. Mother’s Day is special because Moms are special. What would we do without them? What would we do without them? Whether they have been Moms for 1 year or 41 years, their

Three Documents Your 18-Year-Old Needs, 2021 Edition

Here in Arizona, as kids turn 18, they are considered adults and parents don’t have the same legal authority to make choices for them any longer. If your 18 year old is temporarily or permanently unable to make choices (due to an illness or injury), no one would be able to intervene in medical or

4 Reasons: Estate Planning is a Final Act of Love

Very recently, a close friend’s wife lost her Father. Though his health was not the best, his decline was rapid and unexpected. The family, particularly her Mother, struggled to make choices that honored him, their culture and other family members’ suggestions. To put it plainly, it was chaotic, stressful and unsettling. With Valentine’s Day approaching

How Detailed Should Your Family be with Estate Planning Communication?

Q: Should you reveal your exact plans for your estate and your holdings? A lot has been made lately in news articles and studies that suggest better communication between family members is very important when it comes to end-of-life arrangements and estate plans. But there is a disagreement about how detailed the communication should be between family

Part 1: Death Abroad – Preparing Ahead to Simplify an Already Stressful Process

NOTE: “PART 1: What to Do to Prepare for Travel in Case of a Death Abroad”  is information to simplify what might be a stressful, upsetting process for those who will be tasked with making arrangements during such a difficult time. We work hard – and more and more these days we reward our families

Estate Planning At the Holidays?

Updated 11/1/2018 Is it already the most wonderful time of the year? This year especially, the Holiday Season has come the day after Halloween, possibly the earliest start ever. We are already focused on Black Friday shopping thanks to overtures by Best Buy, Target and Walmart, among others. But what really is the best gift