Unconventional Date Night: Estate Planning

NOTE: Client/blogging professional, Jenn Loyd wrote about her Estate Planning experience with our firm. You can read an excerpt of her post here and finish it on her blog by following the link below. This is the first of a two part series, so check back for Part 2 and our contest!

My husband and I finally got to go out on a date! This is a rare thing lately. Usually we are knee deep in diapers, school & work. But we knew that we needed to get out and enjoy some time together just the two of us. We wanted to use our time wisely so we came up with an unconventional date night. It helped us bond on a deeper level and something we desperately needed to do.

Are you wondering what we did on our unconventional date night? We met with my friend Marcus, who does Estate Planning. He has his own office in Tempe, Seiter Law. I know what you are thinking….boring! But wait, before you give up on me, hear me out. We just had our second daughter and raising our girls with certain values and morals is important to us. We’ve talked about so many things when it comes to raising them so when a friend asked us what we had in place if something unfortunate happened to us, I was shocked that we didn’t have an answer.

Now, the shocking part is we didn’t act on it right away. A year went by and we still hadn’t taken action. We added another little girl to our family and eight more months went by. Then one day I got a wake up call…or text. My dear friend had been in a scary accident on the freeway with her child in the car. It was scary and things were unsure for a few hours. Thankfully everything turned out okay but it got me thinking. What if that happened to me? Who would take care of my girls? Where would they go right away? So many things started running through my head and I turned to google. We all know that can be a scary place sometimes and it usually only makes the worrying worse. I knew my husband and I had to get a system in place and protect our sweet little girls.

Marcus gave us some things to discuss before our meeting so we could have time to think and process. We didn’t have everything hammered out before we got there but that was ok. Marcus talked us through some of the difficult decisions and asked good questions. The entire process took a little less than an hour  … READ MORE