Breast Cancer & Legacy Planning

Breast cancer awareness and legacy estate planning

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and thankfully we have made a lot of solid progress towards saving the lives. In general, the prognosis for most women diagnosed with Breast Cancer has improved greatly. Let’s pause and celebrate that, keeping in mind that no one should rest on progress — THE FIGHT CONTINUES. Anyone over the…


Do an Estate Plan Your Way, Like John McCain

We lost two great Americans very recently: John McCain and Aretha Franklin. On the surface, they had great taste in music in common, but choose very different paths in their legacy planning. If you have been watching John McCain’s Funeral proceedings over the last few days, you may have heard that much of what was occurring…


At What Age Should You Start Estate Planning?

when should you start estate planning

I recently performed a random survey (which may, or may not have happened on Facebook). I asked the question: “At what age do you think you should meet with an Estate Planning Attorney?”   The answers were very thoughtful, and I learned a lot about what people think of estate planning. So what is the…